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    Welcome to AB&D Software

    AB&D Software is one of the most sought after value added resellers of world class software and hardware products. AB&D software online adds value to the niche software Market in the IT and IT Services industry.

    We deliver products on time, provide competitive pricing, easy purchasing options, product sourcing from around the global and reliable technology support. Our large base of clientele build for the last two decades across the vertical domains speaks volume about our commitment and efficiency to the customers as per their requirements.

    A preferred vendor for Enterprise and SMB Segments, focusing on Government establishments and financial institutions all over India.AB&D Software is managed by a group of motivated and skilled IT professionals who are in the software and hardware product sales business for the last two decades.

  • Products

    Aspose.Cells for Java
    Aspose.Cells for Java is an Excel® spreadsheet reporting component that enables Java applications to create and manage Excel® spreadsheets without using Microsoft Excel®. Aspose.Cells for Java is an incredibly feature rich component that offers much more than just basic data export functions.

    More info: http://www.aspose.com/java/excel-component.aspx

    Aspose.Words for Java
    Aspose.Words for Java is an advanced class library for Java that enables you to perform a great range of document processing tasks directly within your Java applications. Aspose.Words for Java supports DOC, OOXML, RTF, HTML and OpenDocument formats. With Aspose.Words you can generate, modify, and convert documents without using Microsoft Word. More info: http://www.aspose.com/java/word-component.aspx

    Aspose.Cells for .NET
    Aspose.Cells for .NET provides the most flexible group of components that enable .NET applications to create, modify, convert, render and print Excel® spreadsheets without requiring Microsoft Excel® to be installed on the server. Aspose.Cells for .NET supports all the major MS Excel and other file formats including XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX/XLTM, HTML, CSV, ODS, Tab Delimited, SpreadsheetML and PDF, etc.
    More info http://www.aspose.com/.net/excel-component.aspx

    AutoPlay Media Studio™ 8.2
    AutoPlay Media Studio™ 8.2 delivers on the promise of rapid application development. What would normally take days or weeks to build using traditional software development tools (C, C++, Java, Visual Basic) can now be created in record time – even if you’ve never programmed before. It’s perfect for making anything from AutoPlay CD menus and utilities to games and interactive multimedia applications – complete with web interaction, database connectivity, video playback and much More.
    More info http://www.indigorose.com/products/autoplay-media-studio/

    Use Axure RP
    to build simple wireframes or rich prototypes with conditional logic, dynamic content, and calculations... without coding. Once you get the hang of it, they'll be amazed how much you can do and how fast. With interactive Axure RP prototypes, you can experience your designs as you design. Then, present your prototypes to clients and users to get valuable feedback and for user testing.
    More info http://www.axure.com/features

    dotTrace is a family of performance and memory profilers for .NET applications.dotTrace 5.5 Performance introduces Subsystems, Bookmarks and new Overview page, integrates with Visual Studio up to version 2013 and ReSharper up to version 8.1, supports .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows 8, enables attaching to and detaching from running processes and supports Windows Store applications profiling.
    More info http://www.jetbrains.com/profiler/features/index.html

    HttpWatch integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers to show you exactly what HTTP traffic is triggered when you access a web page. If you access a site that uses secure HTTPS connections, HttpWatch automatically displays the decrypted form of the network traffic.
    More info http://www.httpwatch.com/moreinfo.htm

    The IDE really knows your code and helps by giving smart and relevant suggestions in every context: instant and clever code completion, on-the-fly code analysis, easy project navigation and reliable refactoring tools
    More Info http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/features/index.html.

    Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint + More. Convert PDF files to popular MS Office formats including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher, as well as non-Microsoft formats such as AutoCAD. Able2Extract 8 is a fully cross-platform solution, available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Editing, analyzing and reversioning PDF documents has never been easier!
    More Info http://www.investintech.com/products/desktop/a2e/features/

    is a powerful interactive equation editor for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, elearning, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.
    More info http://www.dessci.com/en/products/MathType/default.htm

    Travel from your desktop to any NoMachine-enabled computer at the speed of light. In just a few clicks you can reach any computer in the world and start working on it as if it was right in front of you.Don't feel limited. Enjoy live audio and video from your remote PC. Watch DVDs, the TV, Hulu or YouTube videos from wherever you are. Or render your animated models. Whether you are an artist or an engineer, your favorite software is always with you.
    More info https://www.nomachine.com/people

    PDF-XChange Editor
    Those wishing to View/Edit/Modify and even OCR Image based PDF files on their Windows PC's now have a FREE pdf reader alternative to the Adobe Reader! The PDF-XChange Editor is smaller, faster and more feature rich than any other FREE PDF Reader/ PDF Viewer/ PDF Editor available. This free pdf editor download also allows users to try the extended functionality offered by the PDF-XChange Editor 'PRO' in evaluation mode - for free. No PDF reader or Viewer offers more features than PDF-XChange - or does so without compromising performance and quality, checkout the feature list below and save $100's in unnecessary expenditure on your PDF software today.
    More info http://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-editor

    PL/SQL Developer is an Integrated Development Environment that is specifically targeted at the development of stored program units for Oracle Databases. Over time we have seen more and more business logic and application logic move into the Oracle Server, so that PL/SQL programming has become a significant part of the total development process. PL/SQL Developer focuses on ease of use, code quality and productivity, key advantages during Oracle application development.
    More info http://allroundautomations.com/

    ReSharper is a renowned productivity tool that makes Microsoft Visual Studio a much better IDE. Thousands of .NET developers worldwide wonder how they’ve ever lived without ReSharper’s code inspections, automated code refactorings, blazing fast navigation, and coding assistance.
    More info http://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/features/index.html

    Setup Factory ® 9.2
    Setup Factory ® 9.2 is the trusted and reliable way to make software installers for your Windows software applications. Unlike other installer builder tools that require week-long training courses in order to get up to speed, Setup Factory was designed to be fast and easy to use. Simply drag and drop your files onto the project window and you’re ready to build.
    More info http://www.indigorose.com/products/setup-factory/

    Source Insight
    Source Insight is a revolutionary project oriented program code editor and code browser, with built-in analysis for C/C++, C#, and Java programs, as well as other languages. Source Insight parses your source code and maintains its own database of symbolic information dynamically while you work, and presents useful contextual information to you automatically. Not only is Source Insight a great program editor, but it also can display reference trees, class inheritance diagrams, and call trees. Source Insight features the quickest navigation of source code and source information of any programming editor. Let Source Insight loose on your project and see what a difference it makes in your productivity.
    More info http://sourceinsight.com/prodinfo.html

    TypingMaster Pro's complete typing curriculum leads students step-by-step to fluent error-free typing. After learning the correct technique and using it in real life, students will typically type 3-5 times faster with over 98% accuracy. It takes only from 6 to 10 hours to learn the basics of touch typing with TypingMaster. After this students can start using their new skill in their everyday life. Shortly their keyboarding will become subconscious and fluent.
    More info http://www.typingmaster.com/education/features.asp

    UltraCompare Professional is a powerful compare / merge / synchronization program loaded with features to track changes/differences between files, directories, Word docs, zip archives; with support for both text compare and binary file compare of two or three files/folders at a time. Merge differences, find duplicates, edit files, and more. UltraCompare also integrates with UltraEdit or UEStudio!
    More info http://www.ultraedit.com/products/ultracompare.html

    Replacing Notepad or looking for a powerful text editor? UltraEdit is what you're looking for. Versatile and easy to use, UltraEdit is the ideal text, hex, XML, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, and programmer's editor. With over 2,000,000 users worldwide, UltraEdit is the #1 selling, most powerful, value priced text editor available!
    More info http://www.ultraedit.com/products/ultraedit/what_can_ultraedit_do_for_you.html

    WebStorm 7
    WebStorm 7 provides new tools to keep up with the latest and greatest web development innovations, helping you get more out of new technologies every day.WebStorm 7 has initial support for the cutting-edge technology Web Components. You can create custom DOM elements and have WebStorm provide completion and CSS support for them.
    More info http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/features/index.html

    The ePublisher Designer component is used for designing, configuring, and maintaining the style and behavior of all your online formats at once within a single master project that systematically handles the deployment of your organization's shared stationery. As your business needs grow, this component makes it easy to propagate changes and updates throughout your entire organization. This component is only recommended for users involved with the creation and maintenance of your organization's shared stationery and who have received proper training in the use of the ePublisher platform.
    More info http://www.webworks.com/Products/ePublisher/Components/Designer/

    WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.
    More info http://rarlab.com/

    Burp Suite Professional
    Company: PortSwigger Web Security
    Email: office@portswigger.net
    Short Description: Burp Suite, software that continually pushes the boundaries of web security.

    Product Description:

    Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application's attack surface, through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities. It is designed to support the methodology of a hands-on tester, and gives you complete control over the actions that it performs, and deep analysis of the results. It can automate all kinds of tasks in customizable ways, and lets you combine manual and automated techniques to make your testing faster, more reliable and more fun. Burp is easy to use and intuitive, allowing new users to begin working right away. Burp is also highly configurable, and contains numerous powerful features to assist the most experienced testers with their work.

    Product Features:

    Burp Suite Pro contains the following key components:
    • An intercepting Proxy, which lets you inspect and modify traffic between your browser and the target application.
    • An application-aware Spider, for crawling content and functionality.
    • An advanced web application Scanner, for automating the detection of numerous types of vulnerability
    • An Intruder tool, for performing powerful customized attacks to find and exploit unusual vulnerabilities.
    • A Repeater tool, for manipulating and resending individual requests
    • A Sequencer tool, for testing the randomness of session tokens
    • The ability to save your work and resume working later.
    • Extensibility, allowing you to easily write your own plugins, to perform complex and highly customized tasks within Burp.

    New features in recent versions can always be found here: http://releases.portswigger.net/

    Licensing Options:

    Current licensing is on a per user per year basis and is competitively priced at USD299 per license. This license price has been held since November 2011 and will not increase during 2014. Since 2011 PortSwigger have released 34 updates and added hundreds of new features.

    14 Day free trial license. This offer is available to business users and only one license per company. A company name and email address are required: https://pro.portswigger.net/requestfreetrial/


    Specializing in: Excel 97 / 2000 / XP / 2007 (XLSX), SpreadSheetML, tab delimited and CSV documents

    Platforms:.NET, Java, SharePoint, SQL Reporting Services, JasperReports


    Specializing in: DOC, DOCX, RTF, XML, ODT, TXT, EPUB files

    Platforms:.NET, Java, SharePoint, SQL Reporting Services, JasperReports

    • DOC to ODT, HTML, EPUB conversion
    • Assemble Documents
    • DOC to PDF, XPS or SWF conversion
    • Mail Merge / Reporting
    • ODT, HTML to DOC conversion
    • Update fields
    • Print Documents
    • Populate from a database
    • DOC, RTF, OOXML are supported
    • Insert content and formatting
    • Render Pages to TIFF
    • Nested mail merge regions


    Specializing in: Microsoft PowerPoint 97 - 2003, 2007, 2010

    Platforms:.NET, Java, SharePoint, SQL Reporting Services, JasperReports


    Specializing in: Creating and Reading more than 25 types of the most popular linear, 2D and postal barcode symbologies

    Platforms:.NET, Java, SQL Reporting Services, JasperReports


    Specializing in: MPP/XML, MS Project ( 2003 / 2007 / 2010 )



    Specializing in: VSD/VDX, MS Visio ( 2010 )


    • Add shapes
    • Read FillShape data
    • Read Line data
    • Read XForm data
    • Read Windows data
    • Read GeomShape data
    • Read Strings
    • COM interoperability support


    Specializing in: Extracting text from images

    Platforms: .NET

  • Keyshot


    What is KeyShot?

    KeyShot is a standalone real-time rendering application that makes creating amazing renderings and animations fast and easy, with support for the widest number of 3D file formats on both Mac and PC.

    What Makes KeyShot Different?

    KeyShot is the first rendering application that allows you to work in a fully ray traced environment from the beginning. Through the combination of progressive global illumination, multi-core photon mapping, adaptive material sampling and a dynamic lighting core, KeyShot delivers an interactive experience that results in photographic images instantly.

    Every change you make – material, lighting, geometry – is instantly updated and allows you to evaluate the result within a few seconds. No switching back and forth between render modes, no endless waiting to see what the final rendering is going to look like. Just sit back and let the final image resolve in front of your eyes.


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    Industrial Design


  • syntevo


    Features & Screenshots

    You can view the screenshots below to see them.

    Everything Under Control

    The SmartCVS project window gives you an optimal overview of the whole project. At a glance you can see which files have been modified and for which files new revisions exist in the repository. This helps to detect potential conflicts before they occur.

    You can filter the displayed files either by file state (e.g. hide unchanged files) or by file name (e.g. show only *.java files). The table sorting and column ordering can be customized to your needs. To search a file, just start typing its name.

    Display of Repository-Only Files and Directories

    Thanks to the Remote State feature, not only changes of your project files in the repository are shown, but also which files were added by other team members. Thus you can fetch them selectively as you like.

    Change Sets

    When working on a project, often different tasks need to be done at the same time, e.g., implement feature in files X, fix bug in file Y and correct typo in file Z. This causes your project to contain modified files from different tasks.

    Change Sets allow you to organize these files into groups of related changes. Committing your changes in task-oriented portions makes life easier for you and your team when it comes to checking the log. You can also use the Change Report to review your changes and organize them into Change Sets.

    Built-in File Compare

    With SmartCVS you don't need to install an external file compare tool, because it already provides a powerful, built-in file compare. You can easily revert back individual changes or edit the files directly. Change markers let you quickly navigate to the changes.

    Change Report

    The Change Report combines multiple file comparisons in one window and has been optimized for easy navigation between changes in different files. It displays a set of changed files and helps you to find out what exactly has changed.

    The Change Report is the perfect tool to organize your local changes in Change Sets.

    Transactions Display

    SmartCVS lets you easily review the last changes (transactions) of your team. You may search them by commit message or author, you can see all changed files, you can review the changes in detail, and much more.

    Graphical Log

    The Log window displays the revision history of a particular file.

    The time-based layout makes it easy to understand the chronological order, especially for changes in different branches. You can see revision tags or compare revisions with each other.

    Tag Browser

    The Tag Browser does not just list all known tags and branches in the repository, it also shows the branch structure.

    Of course, using SmartCVS' speed-search feature you can find tags and branches with a few keystrokes.

    Annotate Display

    The annotated file window displays the file content colored by different means, so you easily can see which lines are new or which person has committed them.

    Repository Browser

    You want to check out a sub-project from a large repository, but don't know the exact name?

    No problem, just browse the repository as if it was a normal file system and select the directory you want to check out.

    Repository File Listing (e.g. by Tag)

    An elegant way to restore removed files is the List Repository Files feature. But you also can use it to see all files that have a certain tag or are within a certain branch.

    Compare Repository Content (e.g. by Tag)

    You want to see which files were changed between two different versions of your project? Nothing could be easier, thanks to the Compare Repository Files feature.

  • Aspose

    Aspose – An Introduction

    Aspose has produced file format components and solutions since 2002. Our headquarters are in Australia, but we have teams across the globe.

    Products for Developers

    Aspose develops APIs and components for software developers and system administrators. Our slogan – Your File Format Experts – sums up our expertise. We interpret Microsoft Office files formats and a number of open formats to deliver APIs and components that save time and effort. Instead of working out the intricacies of how to work with a particular file format, developers can use our products, plug them in to their applications and be up and running quickly.

    Wide Platform Support

    Aspose produces products for a number of platforms. This document is concerned only with the ones that are sold through our resellers: .NET, Java, Android, SharePoint, Reporting Services and JasperReports.
    We also have a suite of Cloud products but these have a different license structure and are sold directly through Aspose only.

    Reseller Support

    This document, as well as logos, brochures and various other information, is accessible from the Reseller Resource page on the Aspose website: http://www.aspose.com/corporate/resellers/reseller_resources.aspx


    Aspose.Total brings together all of Aspose’s components for a platform into one package with a wealth of file management and conversion features. Software developers who work with the many files formats that business depend on can use Aspose.Total to manage and manipulate files from within their own applications. High-fidelity conversion ensures that an output file looks like the input file.


    Aspose.Total combines all of the products for a platform and gives you access to all of their features.
    The features of the individual products are described on the product page.

    Products and Platforms

    Aspose.Total for .NET

    Aspose.Total for .NET is the full set of Aspose’s components for .NET. Using Aspose.Total for .NET developers can create a wide range of applications, using any of the powerful features that Aspose’s .NET components offer.

    • Aspose.Cells for .NET
    • Aspose.Words for .NET
    • Aspose.Pdf for .NET
    • Aspose.Slides for .NET
    • Aspose.BarCode for .NET
    • Aspose.Tasks for .NET
    • Aspose.Email for .NET
    • Aspose.Diagram for .NET
    • Aspose.OCR for .NET
    • Aspose.Imaging for .NET
    • Aspose.Note for .NET

    Aspose.Total for Java

    Aspose.Total for Java is the full set of Aspose’s components for Java. Using Aspose.Total for Java developers can create a wide range of applications, using any of the powerful features that Aspose’s Java components offer.

    • Aspose.Cells for Java
    • Aspose.Words for Java
    • Aspose.Pdf for Java
    • Aspose.Slides for Java
    • Aspose.BarCode for Java
    • Aspose.Tasks for Java
    • Aspose.Email for Java
    • Aspose.OCR for Java
    • Aspose.Imaging for Java
    • Aspose.Diagram for Java

    Aspose.Total for Android

    Aspose.Total for Android is a full set of Aspose’s components for Android. With Aspose.Total for Android, mobile developers can create, manipulate and convert documents within their own mobile apps. The APIs support a large number of document formats.

    • Aspose.Cells for Android
    • Aspose.Words for Android
    • Aspose.Pdf for Android
    • Aspose.Slides for Android
    • Aspose.Email for Android

    Aspose.Total for SharePoint

    Aspose.Total for SharePoint is the full set of Aspose’s components for SharePoint. With Aspose.Total for SharePoint developers can convert and combine documents within their own Microsoft SharePoint applications and support multiple document formats with high fidelity.

    • Aspose.Cells for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Words for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Slides for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Email for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint
    • Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Imaging for SharePoint

    Aspose.Total for SSRS

    Aspose.Total for Reporting Services is the full set of Aspose’s rendering extensions for SSRS. Using these rendering extensions, developers can easily export their RDL reports to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. Also, it includes the possibility to add barcodes to exported documents.

    • Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services
    • Aspose.Words for Reporting Services
    • Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services
    • Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services
    • Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services

    Aspose.Total for JasperReports

    Aspose.Total forJasperReports is the full set of Aspose’s exporters for JasperReports. Using these exporters, developers can easily export their JasperReports reports to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. One exporter also gives the ability to add barcodes to exported documents.

    • Aspose.Cells for JasperReports
    • Aspose.Words for JasperReports
    • Aspose.Pdf for JasperReports
    • Aspose.Slides for JasperReports
    • Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports

    More Information

    For more information about Aspose’s various products, go to the product pages on the website: http://www.aspose.com/total-component-suite.aspx


    Aspose.Cells allows developers to work with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet files without using Microsoft Automation or Excel.
    With Aspose.Cells developers can open, create, save and convert files from within their applications without Microsoft Excel. High-fidelity conversion means high confidence that the output document will look like the original. As well as Microsoft Excel formats, Aspose.Cells supports a wide range of spreadsheet, text and image formats.


    • Create, open and save spreadsheets.
    • Manipulate the content, from formatting through headers and footers to images.
    • Convert spreadsheets to other file formats.
    • Create spreadsheets from external data sources or reporting systems.

    Features differ between platforms. Aspose.Cells for .NET and Java have more advanced features. Aspose.Cells for SharePoint allows developers to convert spreadsheets to between different file formats. Aspose.Cells for SSRS and JasperReports make it easy to export reports to spreadsheets.


    • Aspose.Cells for .NET
    • Aspose.Cells for Java
    • Aspose.Cells for Android
    • Aspose.Cells for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Cells for SSRS
    • spose.Cells for JasperReports

    Supported File Formats

    The list of supported file formats varies between platforms. The following formats are supported on .NET: XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLTX, XLSM, XLTM, XLSB, CSV, HTML, TXT, ODS, XML, PDF, TIFF

    More Information

    or more information about Aspose.Cells, go to the online resources:


    Aspose.Words allows developers to work with Microsoft Word and other word processing files without using Microsoft Automation or Word. With Aspose.Words developers can open, create, save and convert files from within your applications, independent of Microsoft Word. High-fidelity conversion means high confidence that the output document will look like the original. As well as Microsoft Word documents, Aspose.Words supports a wide range of word processing, markup and image formats.


    • Create, open and save word processing documents.
    • Manipulate file content, from formatting through headers and footers to images, OLE objects and much more.
    • Convert word processing documents to other file formats.
    • Work with mail merges against a variety of data sources.
    • Export or print documents or pages.
    • Create reports.

    Features differ between platforms. Aspose.Words for .NET and Java give developers a lot of flexibility when manipulating and converting common word processing file formats. Aspose.Words for SharePoint allow developers to convert and combine documents from within SharePoint applications. Aspose.Words for SSRS and JasperReports allows developers to save reports in popular word processing formats.


    • Aspose.Words for .NET
    • Aspose.Words for Java
    • Aspose.Words for Android
    • Aspose.Words for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Words for SSRS
    • Aspose.Words for JasperReports

    Supported File Formats

    The list of supported file formats varies between platforms. The following formats are supported on .NET: DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, XHTML, MHTML, ODT, TXT, XML, PDF, TIFF, XPS, EPUB, SWF

    More Information

    For more information about Aspose.Words, go to the online resources:


    Aspose.Slides allows developers to work with Microsoft PowerPoint files without using Microsoft Automation or PowerPoint. With Aspose.Slides, developers can open, create, save and convert files from within their applications, independent of PowerPoint. High-fidelity conversion means high confidence that the output document will look like the original. As well as PowerPoint documents, Aspose.Slides supports a wide range of presentation and image formats.


    • Create, open and save presentation documents.
    • Manipulate file content, from formatting through page elements to images and more.
    • Convert presentation or individual slides to image file formats.
    • Create presentations from reports.

    Features differ between platforms. Aspose.Slides for .NET and Java provide powerful features for manipulating and converting popular presentation file formats. Aspose.Slides for SharePoint allows file conversion from within a SharePoint application. Aspose.Slides for SSRS and JasperReports makes it easy to save reports in a variety of presentation formats.


    • Aspose.Slides for .NET
    • Aspose.Slides for Java
    • Aspose.Slides for Android
    • Aspose.Slides for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Slides for SSRS
    • Aspose.Slides for JasperReports

    Supported File Formats

    The list of supported file formats varies between platforms. The following formats are supported on .NET: PPT, POT, PPS, PPTX, PPTX, POTX, PPSX, PDF, TIFF, XPS

    More Information

    For more information about Aspose.Slides, refer to the online resources:


    Aspose.Pdf helps developers create with Adobe Acrobat files without using Acrobat Automation.
    With Aspose.Pdf, developers can create, save and convert files from within their applications. High-fidelity conversion means high confidence that the output will look like the original. As well as PDF files, Aspose.Pdf supports a range of image files.


    • Create PDF files.
    • Convert PDF pages or files to images.
    • Export reports as PDF files.

    Features differ between platforms. Aspose.Pdf for .NET incorporates the features of Aspose.Pdf.Kit and provides a complete solution for creating, opening, saving and manipulating existing PDF files.
    Aspose.Java allows developers to convert files to PDF and create PDF files from scratch. Aspose.Pdf for SSRS and JasperReports makes it easy to product reports in PDF format.


    • Aspose.Pdf for .NET
    • Aspose.Pdf for Java
    • Aspose.Pdf for Android
    • Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint
    • Aspose.Pdf for SSRS
    • Aspose.Pdf for JasperReports

    Supported File Formats

    The list of supported file formats varies between platforms. The following formats are supported on .NET: PDF, PDF/A, TXT, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, EMF, XML, XML + XSLT, XSL-FO, HTML

    More Information

    For more information about Aspose.Pdf, refer to the online resources:

    • Aspose.Pdf product brochure: http://www.aspose.com/community/files/66/corporate/brochures/entry314823.aspx
    • Aspose.Pdf for .NET: http://www.aspose.com/.net/pdf-component.aspx
    • Aspose.Pdf for Java: http://www.aspose.com/java/pdf-component.aspx
    • Aspose.Pdf for Android: http://www.aspose.com/android/pdf-component.aspx
    • Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint: http://www.aspose.com/sharepoint/pdf-component.aspx
    • Aspose.Pdf for SSRS: http://www.aspose.com/reporting-services/pdf-component.aspx
    • Aspose.Pdf for JasperReports: http://www.aspose.com/jasperreports/pdf-component.aspx
      • Aspose.BarCode

        With Aspose.BarCode developers can generate and recognise most common 1D and 2D barcodes from within their own applications.


        • Generate barcodes.
        • Recognise barcodes.
        • Control the barcode image, from background and bar colours, image quality, rotation angle, x-dimension, captions and more.

        Features vary across platforms but Aspose.BarCode allows developers to create barcodes.


        • Aspose.BarCode for .NET
        • Aspose.BarCode for Java
        • Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint
        • Aspose.BarCode for SSRS
        • Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports

        Supported Symbologies

        The list of supported symbologies varies a little between platforms. The following symbologies are supported on .NET: AustraliaPost, Aztec, BooklandEAN, Codabar, Code11, Code128, Code39Extended, Code39Standard, Code93Extended, Code93Standard, DataBar, DataBarLimited, DataMatrix, DeutschePostIdentcode, EAN128, EAN13, EAN14, EAN8, IATA2of5, Interleaved2of5, ItalianPost25, ITF14, MacroPdf417, Matrix2of5, MSI, OneCode, PatchCode, Pdf417, Planet, Postnet, PZN, QR, RM4SCC, SSCC18, Standard2of5, UPCA, UPCE, VIN, OPC, Leticode

        Supported File Formats

        The list of supported file formats varies between platforms. The following formats are supported on .NET: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, WMF.

        More Information

        For more information, go to the online resources:


        Aspose.Tasks allows developers to create, modify and convert Microsoft Project files from within their own applications.


        • Create and work with Microsoft Project files.
        • Save projects – including Gantt charts and resource sheets – to images.
        • Manage cash flow, task cost, milestones and resources.
        • Save project information to HTML, PDF and other easy-to-share formats.


        • Aspose.Tasks for .NET
        • Aspose.Tasks for Java

        Supported File Formats


        More Information


        Aspose.Email helps developers manage and synchronise emails and files from within their own applications. It saves time and effort by taking care of the network side of programming so that developers can focus on their business logic.


        • Send and receive email, individual and in bulk.
        • Format emails.
        • Download and synchronize emails and files across servers.
        • Send meeting requests.
        • Export contacts.

        Features differ between platforms. Aspose.Email for .NET and Java allow advanced email management and creation, as well as conversion and synchronization. Aspose.Email for SharePoint makes email synchronization email.


        • Aspose.Email for .NET
        • Aspose.Email for Java
        • Aspose.Email for Android
        • Aspose.Email for SharePoint

        Supported File Formats

        The list of supported file formats varies between platforms. The following formats are supported on .NET: EML, MSG, PST, OST, MHTML, TXT

        More Information

        For more information about Aspose.Email, go to the online resources:


        Aspose.Diagram allows you to work with Microsoft Visio files without using Microsoft Automation or Visio.
        With Aspose.Diagram developers can open files and manipulate the elements of the diagram, from lines and fills to more complex elements. The manipulated file can be exported to a variety of diagram, image and portable formats.


        • Manipulate Microsoft Visio files without Microsoft Visio.
        • Read, change and write Microsoft Visio files from within your applications.
        • Manipulate and get information about elements in Microsoft Visio diagrams.
        • Save Visio diagrams to image or PDF to share with co-workers.
        • Export Microsoft Visio diagrams to XML Paper Specification.
        • Work with Microsoft Visio files programmatically without Microsoft Automation.


        • Aspose.Diagram for .NET
        • Aspose.Diagram for Java

        Supported File Formats

        • Input: VSD, VSS, VST, VSX, VTX, VDW and VDX
        • Output: VDX, VSX, VTX, XPS, image or PDF formats

        More Information

        For more information about Aspose.Diagram, go to the online resources:


        Aspose.OCR adds character recognition to Aspose’s toolbox. Aspose.OCR is aimed at developers who need to work with image (BMP and TIFF) files from within their own applications. It allows developers to extract text from images quickly and easily, saving the time and effort involved in developing an OCR solution from scratch.


        • Efficient character recognition from BMP and TIFF images.
        • Recognise a whole image or set the section of the image you want to find text in.
        • Automatically recognise different font styles (normal, bold and italic) as well as different fonts.
        • Support for English and other languages.


        • Aspose.OCR for .NET
        • Aspose.OCR for Java

        Supported File Formats

        BMP, TIFF

        More Information

        For more information about Aspose.OCR, go to the online resources:


        Aspose.Imaging lets software developers work with image file formats in their own applications, free from automation or dependency on other applications. Create files from scratch, convert between file formats, set size and other variable, or draw on existing or entirely new images. Aspose.Imaging even lets you save as Adobe PhotoShop files (PSD).


        • Create new bitmap images.
        • Edit bitmap images.
        • Export to bitmap and PSD formats.
        • Manipulate bitmaps.
        • Draw paths and graphics.


        • Aspose.Imaging for .NET
        • Aspose.Imaging for Java
        • Aspose.Imaging for SharePoint

        Supported File Formats


        More Information

        For more information about Aspose.Imaging, go to the online resources:


        Aspose.Note lets software developers work with Microsoft OneNote files in their own application, independent of Microsoft Office Automation. Developers use Aspose.Note to open files and manipulate the elements of the OneNote book, from text, images and properties, to more complex elements, and then export to PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP or PDF formats.


        • Export notebooks to PDF and image formats.
        • Extract text from a notebook, or a specific notebook page.
        • Extract page information.
        • Get image information and save images to files.


        • Aspose.Note for .NET

        Supported File Formats

        PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, ONE

        More Information

        For more information about Aspose.Note, go to the online sources:

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